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What to Wear Wine Tasting in Napa Valley | Flora Springs Winery

The perfect pairing: fashion and wine

The parallels between fashion and wine are becoming ever closer, as two excellences with intrinsically close ties to the concepts of craft, origin, and luxury. When attending a wine tasting in Napa Valley, there are a variety of factors to consider as you may find yourself wandering through a vineyard or sitting on a roof terrace taking in the sights.

What to Wear Wine Tasting in Napa Valley | Flora Springs Winery

what to pack for a weekend in napa valley

When packing for a weekend of Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, it’s important to remember you will want to be both stylish and comfortable. Here are our top tips for stress-free packing.

  • Sunscreen – the mornings start cool, and the afternoons are wonderfully warm. The breeze can be deceiving, sunscreen is a must in this heat!
  • Sunglasses are a MUST.
  • Comfortable yet stylish shoes.
  • Semi-formal or smart-casual attire is recommended for most wineries.
  • Layers are key – the temperature fluctuates so much (particularly cooler in the evenings)
  • Hats – hopefully part of your trip includes ample time taking in the breathtaking views, shield yourself from the sun with the appropriate headwear.
  • Tote Bag – for carrying any of your purchases.


  1. Avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes, as they can interfere with the wine tasting experience for yourself and those around you.
  2. Choose ONE statement piece (floral dress/blouse for her, pinstripe trouser for him) and build your outfit around this. If you have a smarter statement piece, and pair more casual items with it, you will be stylish yet comfortable. Perfect for a day in Wine Country!

What to Wear Wine Tasting in Napa Valley | Flora Springs Winery

for her

Aim for a stylish yet relaxed ensemble, such as a flowy sundress paired with comfortable sandals or stylish flats. Alternatively, a blouse combined with dress pants or a skirt can provide an elegant and versatile look. Layering is key, as temperatures in Napa Valley can vary, so consider bringing a light cardigan or a chic jacket to stay cozy while savoring your wine tastings. Additionally, accessorize with a sunhat, sunglasses, and a tote bag for storing any wine purchases or personal items. It’s essential to wear practical footwear that allows you to explore the vineyards comfortably, so opt for stylish but comfortable shoes like sandals, flats, or fashionable sneakers. A tan wedge would be a great choice, this pairs with both jeans and dresses and allows for easy walking over grass and soil. Napa Valley cools down significantly in the evenings, if your tasting timeline goes into the evening, keep a jacket or scarf with you.

for him

Aim for a polished yet laid-back look that complements the sophisticated vineyard setting. A good choice for such an occasion would be well-fitted tailored pants paired with a crisp button-down shirt or a casual polo shirt. To add a touch of elegance, consider layering with a lightweight sweater or a stylish blazer that you can easily take off if the weather warms up. Loafers or stylish sneakers are ideal footwear options, providing both comfort and a touch of refinement for walking around the vineyards. Accessories can elevate your outfit, so consider adding a leather belt, a stylish watch, and a pair of sunglasses for a polished finish. Choose light, breathable fabrics to ensure your comfort under the California sun.

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What to Wear Wine Tasting in Napa Valley | Flora Springs Winery

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