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Like the natural springs coursing under the Napa vineyards of Flora Springs, a dedication that has sustained three generations of winemakers: the land returns the love you give it. That deep bond between land and family, first affirmed by our founder fifty years ago, is renewed in every bottle of Flora Springs.

Flora Adorned with Flowers.
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Nearly 50 years have passed since our founders, Jerry and Flora Komes first stepped foot on to the historic Flora Springs estate in search of a place to “kick off their boots.”

'Can Flora Springs Reach Its Goals' Photo collage.

Our History

Flora Springs was founded in 1978, but our legacy dates back to the late 1800s when wine grapes were first planted on the Napa Valley property that is now our estate vineyards.


Young founders Carrie and John Komes and Julie and Pat Garvey 1978.
John and Nat Komes.
Today in its third generation, Nat Komes runs day to day operations with his father John.

“As farmers and winemakers, our dedication to quality begins in the vineyards and continues through every aspect of winemaking.”

Nat Komes, General Manager