June 9, 2015

Harvest 2015 Update #1

“During flowering it is not unusual to have some clusters on the same vine more advanced than others. However, the less mature clusters typically catch up to a point where the vine is relatively homogenous. Due to the cooling trend we experienced in May, it created a situation where the clusters that were set, have advanced even during the cooling trend, but the clusters that have not set, have been much more delayed creating a greater separation in maturity. Below is a photo I took in our Hillside Reserve Cabernet vineyard – You will see the cluster on the left side is set w/ a fair amount of growth, while the clusters on the right are still flowering and have not yet completed set. We are now in a warming trend as it hit the mid 90’s yesterday, so that should get things moving to complete set, and allow those clusters that were behind to catch up. We will monitor random vines to ensure that maturity is consistent as the growing season progresses.”

— Winemaker Paul Steinauer

Hillside Reserve Cabernet vineyard Harvest Update 1 2015 Flowering

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