Sauvignon Blanc Day

May 3, 2019

Join us as we raise a glass to International Sauvignon Blanc Day!

#SauvBlancDay is a global celebration on Friday, May 3, 2019 of the Sauvignon Blanc grape, intended to give SB lovers around the world a fun opportunity to express their passion for the grape. Sauvignon Blanc lovers come together in person and online to discover and share everything about this tasty grape.

How to participate:

  • Order a bottle of Flora Springs Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Join us online May 3. We’ll be talking about SB all day, then the conversation really picks up at 5:30 pm Pacific time.
  • Follow us on your favorite social site: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.
  • Tweet or Instagram with us on May 5 using hashtag #SauvBlancDay, and tag @florasprings in your tweets/posts.