Advancing the Legacy: Introducing 2021 Trilogy

January 26, 2024


Flora Springs Trilogy is a Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend, lovingly crafted by our family for four decades. With each vintage of this iconic Napa Valley wine, we keep three promises to our customers: longevity in sustainable farming, innovation in winemaking and an enduring commitment to making the finest possible wine. Our 2021 Trilogy, the 38th bottling of this wine, represents a renewal of our craft in both vineyard practices and winemaking and coincides with an elevated label design.

Introducing 2021 Trilogy Flagship Wine | Flora Springs Napa Valley

Label art to be revealed soon…

Now in its 38th bottling, our 2021 Trilogy represents an evolution in this wine befitting its legacy as one of the pioneering red wine blends in modern Napa Valley. The genesis of this evolution began in 2019, when our family took the rare opportunity to transition to a small winery following the sale of our original wine buildings and 57 vine acres in St. Helena. Having witnessed many of Napa Valley’s family-owned, legacy wine brands follow industry trends of consolidation, expansion, and acquisition, we made the unanimous decision to explore a new path, dedicating ourselves to evolving to a new, small winery that focuses on crafting wines that best represent the quality Napa Valley and the Komes Garvey family are known for.

From Our Founder, John Komes

“This was an opportunity of a lifetime to take all I’ve learned in 45 years of honing the winemaking craft and apply it to creating the wine I’ve always envisioned,” says Proprietor John Komes. “Moving forward, Flora Springs will do big things by remaining small.”.

Our Vineyards

We began in our estate vineyards. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot in our 2021 Trilogy is sourced from Proprietor John Komes’ home vineyard on the western slopes of the Rutherford AVA, a site John has thoughtfully stewarded since 1977. Driven by John’s longstanding commitment to sustainability, recent improvements to this vineyard include a redesign of its blocks to reflect soil differences, soil renewal and amendments, adjustments in irrigation applications, high-touch canopy management and gentler pruning techniques. These enhancements are already being felt in the character and purity of fruit we see from this vineyard, qualities which will only improve in the coming years.

Transforming nature’s gift is the role of the winemaker, and in this our thirst for innovation is unabated. Recently we built a custom, state-of-the-art winemaking facility to better control fermentations, blending and storage. New equipment allows us to sort grape clusters berry by berry and control the temperature of our fermentation tanks at the touch of a button. Our barrel room can be heated or cooled depending on the stage of the wines’ progress, and for Trilogy, we narrowed our coopers to several of the finest in the industry. The result is increased control over each and every step of the winemaking process and a Trilogy that sets a new bar for quality.

The Label Art

Concurrent with this evolution in winegrowing, our 2021 Trilogy also bears a new label. Our family’s commitment to making the finest wine possible includes creating a package that brings natural beauty and grace to our customers’ tables. With deep embossing and gold leaf touches, this label is both textural and elegant, an apt reflection of the wine within. From grape to table, our 2021 Trilogy embodies our family’s passion for producing unique, vibrant wines of true individuality.