Where's the #WhiteWineEmoji?

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Wine lovers who text, post and share their #currentstatus wine tasting or sharing a bottle with friends currently have only one varietal to rally around: the red wine emoji. While there is a rainbow of cocktails to choose from – and even two beer options – the single red wine emoji limits people to proclaiming their love for crimson wine only. Flora Springs is calling for a White Wine Emoji!

Imagine this: it is a warm evening and you’ve prepared a delicious meal that calls for a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc. You’re proud of your culinary skills and capture the moment on Instagram, only to have to use the red wine emoji. #Nope. How can we celebrate #NationalWhiteWineDay, #WhiteWineDay, #SauvignonBlancDay and #ChardonnayDay without a #WhiteWineEmoji? We can’t.

Join Flora Springs as we celebrate each and every white wine by calling for the establishment of a #WhiteWineEmoji. Share this with every white wine lover you know, and help us call attention to this issue.

We’ll continue to shine a light on the need for a white wine emoji until we get one loaded onto every smartphone keyboard! Don’t you want it too?

Sign and share the official petition – we are relying on you to get behind this campaign and share your posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Retweet us, and for every one of your white wine posts include: #WhiteWineEmoji and tag @FloraSprings.