Where's the #WhiteWineEmoji?

Flora Springs Glass

Bad news – the new emojis came out…and #wedidntgetawhitewineemoji! Help us get the word out again by sharing your summer white wine sipping story on Instagram and Facebook.

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Need #inspo? Think about who would you bring on a summer #whitewineemoji adventure…Where would you go? What would you do? Share your idea and use #whitewineemoji.

Why do we need a #whitewineemoji?
Wine lovers who text, post and share their #currentstatus wine tasting or sharing a bottle with friends still have only one varietal to rally around: the red wine emoji. While there is a rainbow of cocktails to choose from – and even two beer options – the single red wine emoji limits people to proclaiming their love for crimson wine only.

Join Flora Springs as we celebrate each and every white wine by calling for the establishment of a #whitewineemoji. Share this with every white wine lover you know, and help us call attention to this issue.

We’ll continue to shine a light on the need for a white wine emoji until we get one loaded onto every smartphone keyboard! Don’t you want it too?

We are relying on you to get behind this campaign and share your posts on Instagram and Facebook. You can also regram or share, but be sure to include #whitewineemoji and tag @FloraSprings.

Where's the White Wine Emoji?