Trilogy Release Party

The Legendary Release Party…

For over three decades, Trilogy has been a labor of love for the family and winemakers at Flora Springs.
We are so pleased you were part of the celebration.

There's more...check out the this Barrel-ful of Surprises...

2017 Trilogy Release Party

Experience the generous hospitality of Flora Springs at our annual Trilogy Release Party, where we pull out all the stops to celebrate the newest vintage of Trilogy at our lovely estate in St. Helena. In an effort to capture the spirit of the vintage, each year we plan surprises that make the Trilogy Release Party one of Napa Valley’s premier events. Along with wine, food, live music and dancing, you’ll be treated to amazing experiences designed to please the palate, awaken the senses and give you the most entertaining and fun day wine country has to offer!

DATE: February 1, 2020
TIME: 11 am - 2 pm
LOCATION: The Estate - 1978 West Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena

2017 Trilogy Release Party Ticket

Price: $225 | Wine Club: $180