Trilogy Release Party

The Legendary Release Party…

Thank you to everyone who has helped make our annual Trilogy Release Party a spectacular success year after year!

For over three decades, our flagship wine Trilogy has been a labor of love for the Flora Springs family and winemakers. We are so pleased you were part of the celebrations. Browse our Photo Gallery to view and download your souvenir photo (bonus photos can be found here).

Enjoy this look back at past parties:

2018 Trilogy Release Party: A Note from Nat Komes

After much consideration we have decided to postpone our Trilogy Release Party until the year 2022. This wasn’t an easy decision; this annual celebration is the highlight of our year and we will sorely miss seeing all of your faces this year. We know that other wineries are holding virtual events and parties, but that’s just not the Flora Springs style. We like to go big with food, wine, entertainment and live music, and you just can’t do that virtually. And gathering in person, which is the way we like to celebrate the release of Trilogy, just isn't possible right now. Be assured that when we’re back, we’ll be back big time, with a Trilogy Release Party like never before. As Anne Komes always reminds us, French etiquette dictates that when you raise a glass to toast with someone, you look them in the eye. We can’t wait to do that with you in 2022.

Save the Date: February 5, 2022

Mark your calendar now for the 2019 Trilogy Release Party. We look forward to delighting you with all new experiences next year.
Stay tuned!

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