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Current Issue: December 2018

22015 St. Helena Rennie Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

"As a student of history I often think about the people who first made wine in Napa Valley, including the Rennie Brothers who built the 19th century winery that now houses Flora Springs. I like to think that I’ve contributed to preserving that history, by restoring the old Ghost Winery on our property, but also through other construction projects I’ve done in the valley, almost all of them restorations and/or remodels of existing buildings. The most recent example is the old barn in back of my home which I’ve reconfigured into..."

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October 2018

2015 Holy Smoke Cabernet Sauvignon

"Since my family started making wine in Napa Valley forty years ago, some of the most profound changes have been in the way we farm grapes. We’ve owned our estate vineyards for a long time and have had several opportunities to replant. Each time we do, we experiment with different spacing, rootstocks, clones, trellis systems, you name it. It’s all about fine tuning as we go along..."

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August 2018

2015 Out of Sight Cabernet Sauvignon

"When we started making our Single Vineyard Cabernets we aged the wines in 100% French oak barrels. I used to joke that if you wanted to see one of your Napa Valley neighbors in the early 1980s you had to visit a French cooperage! But American oak has come a long way since those early days..."

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June 2018

2015 Rutherford Hillside Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

"People often ask me if I think there are too many wineries in Napa Valley. I don’t think there are too many wineries; I just think there are too many big wineries!..."

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April 2018

2015 Wild Boar Cabernet Sauvignon

"I began learning about wine back in the 1970s when my wife Carrie signed us up for a wine appreciation class. Though I attended with her out of husbandly duty, I fell in love with the stuff.."

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February 2018

2015 Trilogy & 2015 Flora's Legacy Cabernet Sauvignon

"I’ll admit it; I drink a lot of Trilogy. And it’s not only because I enjoy it – which of course I do – but because I’m always thinking about how to improve it...."

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