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Current Issue— August 2018

2015 Out of Sight Cabernet Sauvignon

"When we started making our Single Vineyard Cabernets we aged the wines in 100% French oak barrels. I used to joke that if you wanted to see one of your Napa Valley neighbors in the early 1980s you had to visit a French cooperage! But American oak has come a long way since those early days..."

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June 2018

2015 Rutherford Hillside Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

"People often ask me if I think there are too many wineries in Napa Valley. I don’t think there are too many wineries; I just think there are too many big wineries!..."

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April 2018

2015 Wild Boar Cabernet Sauvignon

"I began learning about wine back in the 1970s when my wife Carrie signed us up for a wine appreciation class. Though I attended with her out of husbandly duty, I fell in love with the stuff.."

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February 2018

2015 Trilogy & 2015 Flora's Legacy Cabernet Sauvignon

"I’ll admit it; I drink a lot of Trilogy. And it’s not only because I enjoy it – which of course I do – but because I’m always thinking about how to improve it...."

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